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The enormous space we call the universe would disappear once you start to sense that your position isn’t a coordinate in three dimensional space but is a point at infinity. You will start to feel that your existence is only in between “myself = the observer” and “the observed” which is “my” reflected image.



For musical culture, piece of music, and musical perception read camera, mountain and picture, and Ian Cross's argument in 'The mystery of the musical box' (Forum, 29 June) looks roughly like this: different cameras take different pictures of the same mountain, and some cameras (such as those not positioned in a place from which the mountain can be seen or those out of focus) do not show anything recognisable as a mountain when pointed in the direction of a mountain at all. Therefore mountains do not really exist 'out there'. __Musical Mountain 03 August 1991 by Brian Josephson

Music for Equilibrium: Equilibrium is the name of the magical bottles of The Aura-Soma colour-care-system. Each bottle has own two colours and keynote, and correspond to Numerology. Each track of Reality Sandwich correspond to the Equilibrium bottle. The Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System is a non-intrusive, self selective soul system –placing the responsibility for well being with the one who chooses. "Aura" means light, "Soma" means the body (Greek), or the being (Aramaic), or living energies (Sanskrit). The Aura-Soma color care system connects the light to the body; it speaks of the being of light within and the living energies of light that surround us. Discover the power of your personal colour code...

iPhone App: the Aura-Soma iPhone App is coming. Discover the power of your personal color code... Spiritual Life Development by Reality Sandwich. In collaboration with Aura-Soma Mobile Tokyo.


Since I started to view the world like this, I began to feel many brand newsenses that I’d never felt before. The first thing I experienced was aloss of sense of motion and movement. Because I view the world only as a sandwich between “me” and a figure, I started to feel that my true character exists here, there, over there, and everywhere in the space, and “I” look at every agenda from every corner. Now I feel that my sense of motion when “I move” is like an illusion, as if my consciousness became just a skewer pierced through this so-called “reality sandwich.” __2013: The Day God Sees God by Kosen Handa

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